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What is Free-Range Living?

'Freerange' living might perhaps be described as the individual(s) aiming to lead an 'independent' style of life, thinking and deciding for themselves, determining their own values, along with aiming to live life in a naturally self and socially responsible manner.

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' Far From The Madding Crowd ---- '

January 09, 2019 ·

The quiet winter season gives opportunity for some rest, and to adopt a fairly gentle pattern of life ranging from reviving early morning cups of tea, to activities such as a spot of writing and/or golf, the routine chores, then maybe ending with a visit to a local social club for some beer and craic.

There's not too much to pick from the veg. patch at this time of year, although the beetroot are still going strong , having done well to last six months this year. In spite of a relatively mild winter so far here at the organic micro-holding ( small smallholding ) in the UK midlands, the woodpile has as usual dwindled somewhat, with a couple of sawing sessions helping to replenish supplies.

'Commercial hassle' continues apace with the recent hurdles being non-repayment of over payment, a hefty hike in an acquaintance's monthly fuel bill and the recent publicity concerning hikes in insurance charges via renewal notices, which have been labelled 'anti-reward' for loyalty, and seem to be more-or -less 'par for the course within modern 'on-the- make' commercial practice.

It's also been recently reported that insecurity amongst people has been on the increase, with various factors seemingly coming into play, and raising the question as to whether a re-assessment of cultural priorities might not be a useful exercise, as well as a possible relaxation of expectations - ? The practice of mindfulness, now seemingly quite a big worldwide movement, has proved to be useful here at the micro-holding, helping to get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of the activities involved - can't be bad.


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'The Spirit of Independence ---- '

December 10, 2018 ·

High winds here at the organic micro-holding in the UK heartlands caused some damage, but it could have been worse, with some relocation of crops and machinery needed. Now is the quiet time season with only small and routine micro-holding jobs on the go, and with processing the considerable pile of loppings and ash and compost spreading to look forward to after a rest after Xmas.

The current activity of digging in the 'green manure' in the veg. patch is a multi-purpose activity, as many jobs seem to be, with the newly dug ground starting the 'new season' feeling, with 'hope springing eternal' -yet again ---- .

The modern consumerism trend may contribute to individuals losing some strength and spirit, as various authors et al have said. Many individuals appear to have become pretty wealthy in recent years, bringing apparently some associated problems. The strong focus on money, and its accumulation, may have taken awareness away from the function of money - i.e. to facilitate exchange of goods and services, at which it seems to do a useful job.

Given the potential weakening of independent spirit inherent in such a commercialised and 'largist' world, the individual with a freerange outlook and tendancies, may have to act to ensure the independent spirit is not too dimmed, and in fact, is enhanced. There are potentially probably many routes to bolstering independent spirit, some of them being listed. The piece ends up focusing on four 'live' case studies involving individuals who've taken action to be better able to practise 'freerange independence of spirit', with a 'working approach' to the process being suggested..


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'Bio-Diverse Bounty ----- '

November 16, 2018 ·

Colder weather at the end of October here at the eco organic micro-holding reminded of impending winter and the need to prepare, alomg with finishing one or two 'extra' projects, resulting also in the need to process the loppings through the winter. Produce on the whole has held up well, with calabrese, beetroots, swedes and winter greens all looking well, and leeks, as usual these days, looking trashed due to fly attack - touch and go whether they'll recover.

According to ancient wisdom, all of life has potential unique individual facets so is 'naturally bio-diverse', although modern 'mass cultures' may not celebrate such diversity over much ---? The 'free market model' of modern western-style cultures would seem to lend itself to diversity but due to certain important conditions not being maintained, maybe in practice such is not the case ----- Individuals seeking independent and self-responsible living (freerangers - ?) may need to aim to some extent try to create their own conditions to ensure that there's enough meaning and satisfaction in life for themselves, as well as a reasonable chance to experience on-going meaningful development - ?

Those self-reliant and resilient wilderness livers for example have taken on a challenging lifestyle, but one which potentially offers considerable scope for achievment and life satisfaction. A couple of case-study examples of people living independent lifestyles are covered, and  more gentle, 'everyday' means and ways such as 'micro-holding living' are examined in terms of their potential to deliver meaning and fulfillment within lifestyles.

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'You gotta be kiddin 'me ---- '

October 06, 2018 ·

Summer more or less finished around the third week of September here at the eco organic micro-holding ( small smallholding ), although to be fair there's been some cracking blue sky 'Indian' summer days since ( why 'Indian'?) There's just a special quality about these late sunny days, as if somehow time's stood still ---- The woodstove's been in operation to cope with the cooler evenings, spreading its heat beyond the living room.

An autumn job has been to sweep the two chimneys, with fun and games with the one due to Jackdaw's nesting activities, entailing in the end a slightly hairy 'man-made' chimney fire. Micro-holding produce is still plentiful, although some of the orchard fruit has been on the small size, due no doubt to the lack of moisture through the hot summer. Egg supply from the 'mini flock' has been good, the hens -  Blackie, Beattie and Aggie, enjoying their various daily feeds, particularly their greens.

The latest commercial 'fracas' has been with that perennial 'on the make' car insurance renewal, with the usual swingeing increase in premium being sent through, plus extra payments due unjustifably if the insurance costs are paid monthly. Thus firm got kicked into touch on the basis that it's better to deal with firms who show a level uf customer respect.

One of the issues may be the level of power such firms, being large compared with the 'miniscule' single customer, feel they can employ, along with current seemingly common 'might is right', 'big is best' mindsets. How could the 'small' unit, the customer, possibly know for instance, better than the large outfit -?  History, though, suggests that the 'big' don't always win out in the end , as the large financial concerns busy paying out millions in compensation to mistreated customers have discovered to their cost ----


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'K.I.S.S.----- '

September 20, 2018 · 1 Comment

Hot conditions here at the micro-holding (small smallholding) ceased around mid-August with some rain arriving. The home-grown produce has been affected by the drought, with the sprinkler system saved the day on the veg, patch, and some crops such as runner beans doing quite well. Other crops such as beetroot have grown well giving plentiful supplies.

Regular sawing sessions through the summer has seen the woodstore fill up in preparation for winter - a good sight. Some 'small' wood has also been sawn, to help the larger, heavier logs burn up well. Some time too was spent acquring a 'new' motor, which proved to be a bit of a game, and interesting to see close up how many different types were available.

The Head of the English church has come out critically against modern culture practices and values/non values - there do seem to be quite a few stresses and strains on people, particularly maybe on the younger generations - ?  An American social commentator pointed out some years ago that 'materialsm appeared to be something of an 'incomplete' answer. The (freerange) individual can, though, decide not to be 'in the swim', although swimming 'against the tide's' not always easy ----  The 'simple' non-heavily materialistic life may be a route for some to counter any stress 'cloying culture' effects - one advantage of micro-holding life is having regular reminders of 'existential life' -----

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Freerange Stuff ----

August 12, 2018 · 1 Comment

The heatwave here at the organic eco micro-holding in the UK midlands has curtailed activities somewhat, but with essentail jobs such as watering the veg patch having to take place. crops have matured more quickly and had to be harvested and processed. Flowers have done well as uual, needing too some watering. Fortunately the chicken pen is well shaded so the hens have been ok and kept laying well. The undercover woodpile for use next winter is building up nicely with regular sawing sessions adding to it, and with quite a bit yet to do.

The current era of individual gain focus may leave some social priorities underdone, requring then some re-balancing of priorities - ? The high 'self-actualisation' level of individual need  has social considerations 'built in',  requiring high levels of perception and performanc - maybe a 'work -in progress' situation - ?

A 'larg-ist' nature of modern cultures may represent something of a challenge for individuals, particularly maybe of the 'freerange' variety, given by default lower emphasis on individuals' needs and rights , a situation various prominent writers have warned against - ? Maybe 'home production' such as here on the micro-holding can to some extent guard against 'over commercial' outlooks - ?









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'Easy Summer Living --- '

July 13, 2018 · No Comments

The sun has been shining for several weeks now here at the eco organic micro-holding (small smallholding) in the UK midlands, with watering the veg and the flowers needed to keep them going, particulaly as the loamy ground here doesn't hold water well. Produce has come early with broad beans now in the freezer, and releasing ground to be planted up with winter brassica plants. Flowers are in abundance, both in the cottage garden and in a farmer's fields.

Most of the veg patch crops are looking well, particularly the potatoes and the beetroot, with the runner bean crop coming on apace, although the onion crop's not looking that great. Soft fruit -strawberries and raspberries -has done well, but looks to be finishing well before last year's crop, no doubt due to the drier conditions. Back on the golf course after the health issues, it was special to play in the company of an old friend's clubs ---

Early economists had wider definitions than those of more modern economists, seemingly too supporting the 'freerange' type of view that money may be best seen as a 'means', rather than an 'end' - ? Money focus seems to have caused firms to take their eyes off the 'public services' ball, in favour of maxing profits, although maybe 'good service' outfits night 'win through' in the end - ?

Old train stations can prove to be attractive places to spend time in, as can then the cottage's living rooms. with the air-source heat pump working in reverse to provide cool air conditioning in the hot weather ---- blissful ---


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'Husbanding ---- '

June 10, 2018 · No Comments

'Husbanding' resources currently here on the micro-holding is taking the form of organising and processing wood, to ensure an adequate and dry supply for next winter, wood being the main fuel  The bought-in supply is busily drying in the logs-istics centre, being now added to on a weekly basis, alongside the creation of a 'smallwood' supply. which helps the bigger, heavier logs to burn up.

Spring ushered in the countryside's summer garb pretty quickly this year, with everywhere hereabouts looking stunning. Similarly, the veg. crops have taken off, with potatoes, broad beans, spring cabbage, lettuce, spring onions, radish and onions all looking good - fingers crossed that the blight won't hit the potatoes for instance, too hard. As usual the broad beans, being a generally easy crop to grow, are doing a good job for the organic process, fixing nitrogen from the air into the soil and then when spent, providing quite a bit of material for the compost heap.

Whilst the term 'husband' may seem somewhat old-fashioned to some, it's still used for instance in the farming context with the care of arable crops referred to as 'crop husbandry', and livestock as 'animal husbandry', both areas involving quite a bit of needed knowledge to make the many decisions involved. 

'On the make' commercial practice is again highlighted, along with the thought that it might pay in the longer run for firms to consider giving customers a good deal so that they then repeat buy and spread the good word - ? Words from the past, from a Native American Indian Chief, highlight the important, but maybe neglected job, of taking care of - 'husbanding' - the spirit, a process helped here at the nicro-holding by the tree and hedge surrounds, by the peace and quiet, by the 'working with nature' feel, and not forgetting the 'r and r' time spent at the 'Retreat' ----

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Organics Re-Visited ----

May 17, 2018 · 1 Comment

After what had seemed a long-ish, fairly cold winter here at the organic, eco micro-holding in the UK midlands, spring came rushing in thanks to a spell of warmer and sunnier weather, with nature 'bursting out everywhere', and giving that boost to spirits that's so welcome after the winter season. The crops here have responded well and are looking ok/good, all now making good growth, under the watchful eyes of circling buzzards ----

Nature is surely a powerful force and best to be 'worked with', say some, rather than as others might have it, to be subdued and dominated - ? She surely though needs a helping hand to form satisfying 'partnership' creation, and it's been the busy 'a-sowin' and a-plantin' season here at the micro-holding (small smallholding) as well as other work such as trash burning and building maintenance. An industrious female blackbird seems to have been a virtually constant companion.

The organic or biological mode of growing can seem to be for many the natural - or the 'working with nature' - system to employ, based on feelings rather than logic, that it's the 'right road' to travel, along with similar indicating that animals involved by man in food production should at least have opportunity to be able to practice natural behaviour patterns. Such nature-based sytems work on longer-term cycles to maintain soil fertility and health, then involving cropping rotations to deliver the same, the restrictions of which limit the level of production from the various crops in any one year. Often such systems are 'mixed' (crops and animals) to fully use the outputs from the rotational patterns and then using the bye-products such as animal droppings as manure to further contribute to on-going soil fertility.

Just as on the bigger land areas such as farms, the rotational patterns need observing on micro-small growing installations such as here at the micro-holding, with one or two adjustments, then to not only produce healthy tasty and economic produce, but also other benefits such as fitness, enjoyment, creatiion satisfaction, and maybe last, nut not least, that ineffable feeling of independence ----






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'Backwaters ----- '

April 10, 2018 · 1 Comment

A hint of blossom in the paddock here at the organic eco micro-holding in the UK midlands heralds the emergence of a fairly late spring after what seems to have been a longish, cold winter. Even though the soil's still quite cold, some stuff has been planted, but warmer weather is now needed, with spring and summer to look forward to.

The growing ground is ready, with its covering of compost and woodash, and with winter greens still available for use, with spring cabbages coming on behind. Broad beans will shortly be planted out, one of the 'star' crops here fulfilling a multitude of uses. The cold winter has mean't though that the leeks mostly failed to recover from the late alium leaf miner fly's attack - not the best result. A trimming of trees in the paddock has left both burning wood for next year and, when the trimmings get with help burnt, a supply of useful woodash, being both potash fertiliser and a mild alkali lime substitute, both tres handy for organic growing.

Practising self-reliant living to some extent 'out of the mainstream' at whatever level can be good for nurturing the freerange, independent spirit, maybe needed more than ever in today's 'mass normalised' world - ? A series of TV programmes have recently featured some individuals who've consciously sought out conditions to develop their skills in self-reliance by living 'wilderness lives' in Alaska, and often gaining an impressive range of practical skills as well as individual self-worth and satisfactions. Some living in small isolated, cut-off spots have developed too advanced community sensibilities. One man's quote suggests that modern people may live too specialised lives ----

Life here at the micro-holding is also 'backwater' lead, not, though to the degree of the Alaskan past-masters, but satisfying at its own level, and still capable of engendering and supporting the 'freerange spirit' ---




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