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What is Free-Range Living?

'Freerange' living might perhaps be described as the individual(s) aiming to lead an 'independent' style of life, thinking and deciding for themselves, determining their own values, along with aiming to live life in a naturally self and socially responsible manner.

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'Fuller Freerange Fulfillment ----- ?'

April 04, 2019 · No Comments

Independent thinking and 'journeying' might be good ways to get fulfillment out of life, with such notions supported at eminent levels. Today's culture though might not particularly lend itself to such individual practices as a couple of examples might show.

Local (UK midlands) vistas look stunning with already a profusion of blossoms and flowers. It's been the start of the sowing and planting season here at the organic eco micro-holding (small smallholding) in the UK midlands, not, though, with totally successful results as a hitherto cast-iron crop has come to grief for the first time ever. Better news is that the hens have started laying eggs again after their two-month break and seem to be in good heart and spirit in their joint venture with man.

Quite a few potatoes have been planted early under plastic to try to avoid too much disease attack, and in terms of produce to eat, the purple sprouting has come good, supplying delicious fresh and tasty greens for the pot. The 'lost' small prolytunnel in the paddock is now resurrected as a 'cheap as chips' store, needed for wood, mowers, wheelbarrows and the like.

Modern life has recently been called 'the age of distraction' with leisure trips, holidays and 'retail therapy' all playing their part, but calling into question maybe whether there's too much 'escapism' activity, for there to be a useful level of on-going longer-term fulfillment for people. An alternative could be to take Buddha's 'personal journey', then to find peace and fulfillment but also with a spiritual aspect which may prove to be problematical for a mainstream culture appearing to have relegated spirituality (but maybe not for individuals, many of whom are said to have spiritual aspects to their lives).

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