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What is Free-Range Living?

'Freerange' living might perhaps be described as the individual(s) aiming to lead an 'independent' style of life, thinking and deciding for themselves, determining their own values, along with aiming to live life in a naturally self and socially responsible manner.

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'Imperfectly Perfect ------ ?'

August 14, 2019 · No Comments

'Imperfectly Perfect ---- '

Things don't always go to plan -some might say often don't go to plan - but a writer recently commentated that the same just 'adds to character'. The general culture of a society can often seem though to send out 'how to be' perfction messages and such 'perfction pressure' it's said has been added to via the recent increase in media messaging increasing 'social norming' trends. Maybe these days there's a need for individuals  to 'give themselves a break' - ?

The dodgy weather of June has impacted negatively here on the organic eco micro-holding (small smallholding) in the UK's midlands, with a 'hit and miss' growing season the result, some crops doing not too badly, but quite a few struggling. Not too much can be done about it -nature is a powerful force  -just have to take the hits and remember the few successes., with maybe one or two changes to growing strategies for the future.

Three new pullets (young hens) arrived in July with the job then being how to integrate them with the older resident hens, who wouldn't automatically welcome a bunch of strangers in their midst. After some difficulty there now seems to be a degree of harmony in the chicken pen and the newcomers are laying well, their eggs as yet smaller.

The weekend broadsheet papers recounted the story of the latest 'wellnness' guru from America making a hit with quite a few famous names, espousing the cause of 'non-perfection', arguing that too much 'perfection pressure' exists in society. There's a link with mindfulness practice which the individual can use  to be better able to accept imperfection, and then if sought, 'change the record' to practising more productive traits. One person's version of 'perfection' may not be anothers as maybe is shown here at the weed-laden micro-holding veg patch - leading though to longer-term benefts ------

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